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How I develop Meteorjs apps - part 3. Continuous Integration and Delivery of your Meteor “package for everything” project.

This is the last article in a series: “How I develop Meteor apps”. You can jump to the other articles:

How I develop Meteorjs apps - part 2. Testing Meteor packages (for humans)

This is the second article in a series: “How I develop Meteor apps”. You can jump to the other articles:

How I develop MeteorJS apps

What this article is about

In this article I will show you my way of setting up apps written in MeteorJS. And how this helps me avoiding problems when the app grows.

I have divided the article into three parts:

  • part 1. Package for everything <- you are here

Rapid Mobile UI Design – Workflow

How to turn user stories to prototype in 5 steps.
What do we need to do? – An analysis of end users’ needs and their environment.

A brilliant brief is critical for developing quality projects, especially when it...

Smartwatch - a watch for special tasks

Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch

Authors, scriptwriters and special effect specialists have long competed with each other to come up with ideas to attract movie fans. Some of the more popular franchises include movie about the ingenious MacGyver and Her Majesty’s super-agent, James Bond 007. Their toys have never failed to save the world or, at least, the lead character’s life (and that...

Selenium - a free tool for test automation

Each tester in his profession during work with large projects, meets with concepts such as functional testing and regression testing. Each new functionality increase of the application also increases the area that requires constant monitoring and supervision by the tester. One of the methods to assist in such situations can be automated testing.

In the following article I will...

First 3 months with meteorjs

Written by Wojciech Krysiak 18 November 2014

From the beginning

Three months ago, together with my business partners at RST-IT, I decided to build a MVP (minimum viable product) of virtual whiteboard. (the app’s name) was going to allow its users to:

  • create virtual whiteboards,
  • share the boards with friends,
  • simultaneously draw on shared boards...

Simple decorator pattern implementation in Rails

The Decorator Pattern

The formal definition of a decorator is as follows:

The decorator pattern applies when there is a need to dynamically add as well as remove responsibilities to a class, and when subclassing would be impossible due to the large number of subclasses that could result.


Recently I was refactoring a...

Using Sinatra with Asset Pipeline and RailsAssets


I’ve updated fetching gems from a specific bundler group. The previous version added vendor/assets path from all gems present in the Gemfile.


Recently I’ve been thinking about different ways to seperate the view layer from Rails. With the recent hype for yeoman and

How to create an crisp looking icon font

In this article I will describe in few easy steps how to create an high quality icon font using Illustrator.

Creating an icon font can seem relatively easy but to get a really good looking result you need to stick to a few rules and guidelines.

Why use Icon Fonts?

  • You can easily create multiple size & color variations
  • You get an crispier look of the...


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